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R Resources


This page includes resource to resolve problems using the R statistics language.


One Page R: A Survival Guide to Data Science with R

A collection of useful one-page resources for a data miner, data scientist, and/or a decision scientist. The modules include code, lectures, and one-page recipes for getting things done.” (Kdnuggets, 2014).


Link: http://www.kdnuggets.com/2014/02/one-page-r-survival-guide-data-science-with-r.html



Kdnuggets. http://www.kdnuggets.com/2014/02/one-page-r-survival-guide-data-science-with-r.html,  Available 2014.


David Mease Videos Statistical Aspects of Data Mining

A big deal of researches are point out the videos of David Mease as a good source for learning statistic applied to Data Mining using R. If you want to try it out, take a look at his play list on Youtube here.

Organizing a Data Analysis

The Data Analysis course at Coursera makes a interesting lecture about organizing a Data Analysis. Turn our project organized gives you more control about your project. There are free resources that gives you guidelines about how make your project organized. One of this resource published at R-statistics blog discuss about how managing a statistical analysis project. Another resource was published at ProjectTemplate is a software integrated with R that help you to turn your project organized.

Here is a summary of the guidelines:

Create each one of this package,  create sub-packages and put them the corresponding files.


  •  Raw data
  •  Processed data


  •  Exploratory figures
  •  Final figures

R code

  • Raw scripts
  • Final scripts
  • R Markdown files (optional)


  •  Readme files
  • Text of analysis

Data Mining with R.

Data Mining with R.

A book to how perform data mining with R.