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New Machine Learning Course at University of New Yourk

The University of New York is Offering a Course on Machine Learning. The news was published on the Machine Learning (Theory) blog. This course is not a MOOC, but on the instructor words.

We plan to videotape lectures and put them (as well as slides) online, but this is not a MOOC in the sense of online grading and class certificates. I’d prefer that it was, but there are two obstacles: NYU is still figuring out what to do as a University here, and this is not a class that has ever been taught before. Turning previous tutorials and class fragments into coherent subject matter for the 50 students we can support at NYU will be pretty challenging as is. My preference, however, is to enable external participation where it’s easily possible.

To have access to this course go to this link.


A great reason to learn on the web.

This video give you good reason to learn on the web. The author take a full MIT computer science course entire on the web.