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The History of Internet Search and Google

I’m taking a course Understanding Media by Understanding Google and they point me out to a site that explain the Internet Search history. A found it very interesting. The link to post would be found here.


Masssive Online Course (MOOC) and Google

Look like that Google is trying to get a slice of MOOC. At least, is what is said by this article.

List of machine learning book for free.

List of machine learning book for free.

The blog makes a list of a set of machine learning books available for free.

Introduction to Databases class begins January 15, 2013

Introduction to Databases class begins January 15, 2013

Stanford class Introduction to Databases starts January 15.

Machine Learning

We will in the next posts talk about a subject that is really interesting. We are talking about machine learning field. To take an idea why it is interesting we encourage you to first take a look to this course In that, you will take a big idea of this interesting field. We are willing to talk about some of the techniques taught there and also give a look of some more advanced topic. To take the max of the next post, we encourage you to install the tool that we are using in this blog, the Weka framework.

Learn on the web

Learn is something great, is not it? To you that like learn like me, I have some place where you can learn a lot about computer science, mathematics, physics. These are:

Abnt reference style latex error on linux

Who already have written something in latex knows how pleasure it is. However sometimes you got some error and don’t know how to resolve that. On of this error happens with abnt reference style on Linux. To accomplish that use the open a terminal and write the following command.

First type

apt-get install kbibtex

And install abnt package

apt-get install abntex

Good luck